The Cheltenham Badlands, Caledon, Ontario

After a swift recovery from what felt like never ending cold, I decided to bolster my mental (and physical) recovery by visiting the badlands. The word itself says it, and I figured that a little bit of Mother Nature is good for both the body and the soul.

Badlands” is a geologic term for an area of soft rock devoid of vegetation and soil cover that has become molded into a rolling landscape of rounded hills and gullies¹.

Cheltenham Badlands 2

Located in Caledon, Ontario, this formation was apparently due to poor farming practices in the 1930s, which had an effect of eroding the soil ².  The unique beauty of the badlands has attracted many tourists, but constant footsteps on the gullies can pose a potential damage.  Thus to protect the area, it was recommended that visitors refrain from going down the slopes.

The viewing area is in the south east corner of Creditview Rd. and Old Base Line Rd. (between Creditview Rd. and Chingcousy Rd.). The parking is  limited, and a very careful approach must be taken when driving into the viewing area as the road becomes extremely steep. There are two trails that surround the area – The Olde Baseline Side Trail (720 metres) and the Bruce Trail. The trails however, take you away from the main scenery.

For those looking for a good (long) hike, you can take the Bruce Trail and see where it takes you. As you know, the Bruce Trail stretches over 800 km from Queenston, Ontario to Tobermory, Ontario (more at

Click on the photo below for a map of the area:

Badlands Map 2

At the time when I visited the area, the weather was very windy and muddy as it had just rained the night before. I wandered off past the viewing area and into the Bruce Trail, but did not walk too far due to poor weather conditions. The trees have not yet started budding, and thought that I would come back another time.

This place is definitely a must-see.  It’s a very unique formation of land, unlike the typical landscape we see in Ontario.

Below are a few more photos of the badlands (click on the photos to enlarge them). As you can see on the last photo, the badlands can easy be seen when driving past Old Base Line Rd.

Cheltenham Badlands 4

Cheltenham Badlands 3



Map of the Badlands:

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