Limehouse Conservation Area, Limehouse, ON

It was a lazy Sunday and Steve and I wanted a quick mother nature getaway outside of the busy city. We opted for one of my favourite places — Limehouse Conservation Area.

Located just a bit west of Georgetown, the conservation area is quiet, secluded, and perfect for a short and easy hike in the woods. It was one of my go-to places when I lived in west Mississauga. Limehouse is a bit smaller compared to nearby parks such as Silver Creek and Kelso Conservation area, which makes visiting it more comfortable and serene if you’re just looking for something simple. There are 5 trails available, where the longest loop option is just under 5 km.

map 2

Map Link

The park also features a bit of history, where you will see remnants of the lime industry that was once prominent in the area such as lime kilns and powderhouses. On the nature side, I always enjoy exploring the “hole in the wall” (as they call it) whenever I’m there. The “hole in the wall” — more like “cracks on the floor” to me —  is an area full of crevices which feels a bit like a mini caving experience. There are many areas with small openings that you can descend slowly. On the deeper openings, there are stairs to help get you to the bottom.  I’ve gone to this park numerous times over the years, but this area feels new to me each time. Steve and I took the Access Trail from the main parking lot and made a left on the Bruce trail to get to the holes in the wall.


We continued on the Bruce Trail and shortly reached the bridge to cross the river. This area is another great place for some photography. I positioned myself in the middle of the bridge and practiced capturing long exposure shots on the running water.


Just on the other side of the river are the kilns and powderhouse. The powderhouse marks the end of the trail and we took the same path we came from to get back on the Black Creek Side trail. From here, the trail was mostly flat with just a bit of slight uphill on some parts. It was mostly covered in trees, but the leaves had already fallen off when we were there. It was beautiful walking through the fallen leaves, admiring the last bit of the autumn season.





Location: 12169 Fifth Line, Limehouse L0P 1H0

General Admission Fees: Donation Box at main entrance.

Facilities: Port-o-lets at the  main entrance, parking, picnic tables, 2 Baseball Diamonds

Time: Approximately 2 hours (mostly spent taking photos and exploring the hole in the wall)

Website    areas/limehouse-conservation-area/

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