A Tribute to Winter: Hilton Falls Conservation, Milton, ON

Spring has finally sprung, but while the temperature is still below zero, I thought I’d write a little tribute to our dear old friend, winter.

Frozen waterfalls  are one of the wonders to see during the winter season. Such powerful force of nature, frozen by another even more powerful force, the cold winter season. Hilton Falls Conservation Area is a great place to view these wonders. Located in Milton, Ontario, the park is just 45 minutes away from downtown Toronto. The trails are relatively leveled and smooth which makes it a perfect place for a more relaxing hike. The park is has 3 hiking trails, ranging from 3km – 9.5km with estimated completion times between 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. The Park is open from 8:30 am to 7 pm daily.

Hilton Falls Trail Map 

Park Details 

Park Location

We hiked the park in mid February. It was mainly a photography hiking trip, as my friend Mariya and I wanted to play around and experiment with our cameras. We started on the Hilton Falls trail and not long after we began our hike, we found bird seed stations along the trail. We spotted several types of birds including the black-capped chickadee and the downy wood-pecker. For anyone who loves photography, it was a great spot to get a close capture of some Ontario birds.

We also ran into a furry friend…

It’s fun to deviate from your route here and there…

Finally we reached Hilton Falls. There are stairs you can take to bring you closer to the bottom of the falls. Since the area was covered in ice, we were able to walk on it to get a closer view of the beautiful Hilton Falls. Mariya and I took this opportunity to practice our long exposure shots:


During the winter season, the park has a fire pit station not far from the falls where we stopped for a snack. Other hikers brought marshmallows and hot dogs to warm on the fire. I really wished we had brought some 😦

While warming up by the fire, we spotted a Blue Jay! It was a beautiful encounter and I was lucky to have taken a shot of it in action.


Oh in case you have to go, you have nothing to worry…


We took a bit of an off trail on the way back and found a pot hole caused by the glacial retreat.

It was an exciting day exploring Hilton Falls. We stopped by the Trail Eatery in Campellville for some comfort food to end the day.

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