First Hike of the Spring Season: Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Milton, ON

Last week, I went on my first hike of the spring season to Crawford Lake Conservation in Milton. The weather was beautiful, sunny all the way through.

Crawford Lake presents a variety of activities and attractions for the whole family. There is an Iroquoian Village, a meromictic lake, a lovely board walk that takes you around the lake, and various events such as meditation hikes. The park is west of the  town of Milton and just south of Campellville.

Park Website



I started off by visiting the Iroquoian Village. In the late 1970’s, longhouses and artifacts were uncovered in the site. The reconstruction showcases the Iroquoian way of life such as the foods that they harvested, the tools they used, and how a typical longhouse would look like. There are interpretive programs, longhouse tours, and fire starting demonstrations.



Park Trail Map

I started my hike shortly after. I took the Escarpment trail and then the Crawford Lake trail. The beginning of the Escarpment trail started flat but gradually became pretty rocky, with a lot of uneven ground. There were some incline, but very minimal. It was a fun terrain, but you definitely have to watch your step.


The trail also has a lookout and some caves and crevices that you can scramble down to (in the warmer weather that is). The lookout was beautiful but would be even more stunning in the fall season.


After the lookout, the path is paved and smooth. It was a nice stroll from here.


Not long after, I reached Crawford Lake which is a meromictic lake. What makes meromictic lakes so special is that is has several layers of water that do not intermix. The deeper layers of the lake contains little to no oxygen, and therefore cannot be inhabited by most living organisms. Anything that falls to the bottom is essentially preserved. The sediments accumulated in this lake have been used to research many areas of the past. By examining pollens trapped in these sediments, scientists were able to uncover the inhabitants of the area from over 600 years ago which led to the reconstruction of the Iroquoian longhouses.

The largest meromictic basin in the world is the Black Sea. It’s very fortunate that we have one so close to us.


There is a really board walk that covers most of the parameter of the lake. It’s perfect if you just want an easy stroll along the lake.

If you take the Crawford Lake Trail (also known as the “Hide and Seek Trail”) you will encounter wood carvings of animals that are at risk. Below are wood carvings of the Jefferson Salamander, the Monarch Butterfly, and the Eastern Wolf. Learn more about these animals are risk : Hike and Seek Trail Species at Risk

Crawford Lake is a great place to bring the family. There are plenty of activities are is very educational for kids. It was my first time at this park and really enjoyed my experience.


Next post: Nottewasaga Lookout, Collingwood, ON

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