Photo Blog: Whistlers Mountain, Jasper, AB

Whistlers Mountain was named after the whistling sounds made by the Hoary Marmots that dwell in there. The summit brings you breathtaking, panoramic views of Jasper making it a must-go-to destination when in the area. Maybe you’ll even get to meet a marmot!


There are two ways to get up there: hike up or take the tram, or both!

The mountain is 2500m/8100ft. If you’re hiking, the elevation is approximately 1,250m/ 4,105 ft on an 8 km trail up the mountain. Needless to say, the hike up is pretty steep.

When we visited the park last October, the mountain was covered in snow and the trail up the mountain was extremely icy. We decided to take it easy and take the tram up instead.

Each tram fits about 26-30 people and is about a 7 minute ride. Unlike the Banff gondola, there are only a few areas at the side of the tram for sitting. The majority will be standing up. You can also book your ticket and flight time in advance. The area becomes very busy in the summer season. It was not very busy when we went in late October, and in fact, we were the only ones in the tram going up!

For more information, see the following links:

Jasper Sky Tram

Opening and Closing Times

How to Get There


The upper tram station has washrooms, a restaurant, and a gift shop. So don’t worry, you won’t be stranded up there with a full bladder and an empty stomach!

Once you get up to the upper station, the hike to the summit is 1.2 km.

Whistlers Summit Trail Map

The hike to the summit had steep sections, but there are 3 different levels of difficulty you can take. The black lines in the map below show a more difficult trail, with the blue being moderate and green being easy. If you plan on going on the more difficult trail during the winter when the snow has turned into ice, I highly recommend you wear hiking cleats. During the summer though, the hike to the summit is more of an easy stroll.


Photos on the first half of the hike to the summit. It can get pretty windy and cooler at the top, so be sure to keep warm!

It was fun trying to make an inukshuk amidst strong winds as there were so many good rocks to use…

It was fun climbing them too…

We continued on with our hike and reached the summit not long after. The view was stunning. Be sure to look out for the red chairs along the way. Parks Canada has placed them in many parks across Canada to provide visitors a place to wind down, relax, and just take in the beautiful surrounding (Canada Parks red chair locations)

After the hike, we stopped by at the restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the upper station for some warm soup and sandwich. The restaurant also has great views of the mountains.


Looking forward to coming back here again sometime!



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